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April 2010
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BREAKING: Nicki Minaj will NOT appear on Tour w/ Rihanna & Ke$ha


At least the album will be coming as anticipated!

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April 07 2010

Hey nicki imma fan and I understand and I wanna tell you that I support u. I love u nicki minaj imma barbie

April 07 2010

aww 🙁
that wouldve been hectic

April 08 2010

I got really great tickets in advance for my birthday, and i was hoping to see Nicki 🙁 i dont really care to see Ke$ha or Rihanna so Im really disappointed 🙁 poor me… Nxt time Nickis in Toronto tho I will BE there
looking forward to the album

April 10 2010


April 10 2010

Nicki, its totally understood. You gotta do what you gotta do & make sure you good on your end. But, good luck with everything, though you don’t need it, cuz…you sick wit yours.

April 10 2010

Nicki, u the bomb! Do your thing n let d haters hate.

April 11 2010

damnit . i was hopinq you weren’t qoinq to say that . 🙁

April 11 2010

i understand we really need ur cd

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