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April 2011
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This month we chat with Nicki Minaj, rap artist and style-maker. Nicki knows how female rappers electrify fans, after all she used to be a fan herself. “I know I was always excited by whatever female was hot at the time,” Nicki says.

Today, millions of music fans are now saying the same thing about Nicki Minaj, part comic, and all-the-way lyrical assassin. She has everyone talking about her fiery verse which has catapulted the Queens, New York entertainer to the forefront of the music industry.

What function do you like most about your smart phone?
I’m probably addicted to my e-mail. its like i run my own business from the comfort of my finger tips Whether I’m approving an offer or downloading attachments of dope outfits or hair options. E-mail on my phone is a must.
What is your favorite app?
I think the TWITTER app is the most fun. Staying in touch with the Barbz is a must!

Do you use your phone for writing music or lyrics?
Occasionally I’ll send an e-mail or text to myself to remind me of some new lyrics that came to mind while I was out and about.

How much do you use your phone?
I use my phone 24/7! It should be attached to the hip! I don’t like talking on the phone but the other functions have become things I can’t live without!

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April 26 2011

i really luv nicki’s musics and am not tired of listening to them.pls continue the gud works.

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