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January 2013
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Nicki Minaj spends New Years in Pure Las Vegas


Nicki Minaj and her team invaded Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve. First up, she shut down the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace while looking for the perfect outfit for her and her crew. She dropped some racks at the Versace store as her Barbz gathered outside to get a glimpse of their idol.

With 20 minutes to go until midnight, Nicki walked the red carpet at PURE before counting down to 2013 as fireworks lit up the sky. She danced and toasted in VIP with her friends including Scaff Beezy.

After the celebration, she grabbed a Rascal scooter and drove through the halls to her hotel room.

See what it’s like to spend a night in Vegas with Nicki.

December 2012
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December 2012
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Nicki explains why she loves judging American Idol’

Nicki Minaj has been making headlines for her feud with fellow “American Idol” judge Mariah Carey. But she shows the real reason she signed up for the talent competition in a new promo. The “Starships” rapper shares her passion for discovering new talent and explains her rise from the underground mixtape scene to becoming a worldwide superstar.

“I’ve been told no a billion times and I think it’s very important you have someone that knows what it’s like to be disappointed and have to try again, and that’s a big part of the audition process,” said Nicki.

Also get a sneak peek at the outspoken judge’s many wardrobe changes, hats, and hairstyles.

The new season of “Idol” kicks off January 16 on Fox.

December 2012
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Big And Best of 2012: Last Fans Standing

MTV’s Facebook Page is havent a end of year contest to see who has the biggest and best fan base’s
& nicki minaj is on the list so we can have to have nicki win! all barbz and kenz go please click below

We’re crowning the Last Fans Standing, the best fans of 2012! Share this photo to advance the Barbz and Nicki Minaj to the next level during the Big And Best of 2012 on 12/12/12 at 12 pm EST.

December 2012
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Nicki Minaj Debuts Lavender Lipstick for MAC Viva Glam

Home > ♥ Photoshoots & Outtakes > Nicki Minaj Lavender Lipstick For MAC Viva Glam (Promo Shoot)

NNicki Minaj has teamed up with the cosmetics brand MAC for a second Viva Glam collection. Minaj previously teamed with the beauty brand to launch an electric shade of pink lipstick, and this time she is launching a limited-edition lavender shade.

In her ad for the collection, Minaj floats in a pool of purple lipsticks, sporting a sunshine-yellow retro-inspired swimsuit and coral stilettos.

MAC revealed the ad via Twitter with the hashtag #LavenderIsTheNewPink, drawing attention to a trend that has been gaining momentum in the fashion industry, as brands embrace female trendsetters with rock ‘n’ roll edge.

Musicians like Azealia Banks and Rihanna have already rocked versions of this edgy, violet hue, with Rih opting for a rich bordeaux tone, while Banks went for a deep plum purple shade, another collaboration with MAC. Purple lips were also been spotted on the spring 2013 runways, at Alice + Olivia, Marc Jacobs and Vena Cava’s shows.

Minaj’s new lavender Viva Glam lipstick will be available Feb. 9 at MAC stores around the country and on All proceeds will go toward HIV/AIDS charities.

December 2012
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Nicki Minaj on new music & ‘ American Idol’

NEW YORK – Nicki Minaj, the rapper who has had much success on the pop charts with songs like “Starships” and “Super Bass,” said the re-release of her sophomore album will be nostalgic for her early fans.

“The feel of the re-release is kind of like my first sound, like the mixtapes,” she said of “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up,” now in stores.

The re-release comes seven months after “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts. That album features pop, dance, R&B, reggae and rap sounds. It’s a far stretch from when Minaj kicked off her career as a sexed-up street rapper, signed by Lil Wayne in 2009 after she released three buzzed-about mixtapes. Her official debut, “Pink Friday,” is near double platinum and was nominated for a Grammy Award.

But the 29-year-old said she’s “back to basics” on her eight-track “Re-Up,” which features Lil Wayne, Tyga and some of Minaj’s proteges.

“It sounds probably more hood in some ways, for a lack of a better word,” she said.

Her pop fans won’t be disappointed, though: There’s also the Dr. Luke-produced, dance-flavored “Va Va Voom.”

In a recent telephone interview, Minaj talked about her new music, artists she is mentoring and working (kind of) with Mariah Carey on “American Idol.”

What’s the energy like on the re-release?

Minaj: I studied a lot of the production side of this particular re-release. It was just important that the beats sounded a certain way. I was really able to step up the writing on it as well.

This album features some of your signed artists, Parker and Thomas Brinx. How’s it feel to pay it forward?

It’s exciting because I think that I’m finally in a position to open doors for other people, and it’s a great feeling because I feel like they’re so, so talented. Parker, he’s actually from London and he’s a writer, producer, singer and I’m going to be putting out music with him at the top of the year. Brinx was someone that I knew for a long time. I was rapping with him before I even got a deal and his skills have always been so exceptional. So I always felt like if I got an opportunity I would bring him along and now I have that opportunity.

You let cameras follow you for a three-part reality special on E! What was that like?

It’s been fun because I think that my fans are getting a real kick out of it. I’m happy I did it. I don’t really have an opinion on it. It was just a decision for me to show more of myself, and I never really know how people are going to react to it, so I’ve started stepping back and away, and getting away from just overthinking it.

Were you hesitant about doing it?

Of course I was hesitant. I’m a very private person. I definitely thought about it a lot and then I went for it.

What are your favorite albums of the year?

I really have been enjoying all of the hip-hop albums that came out, because I feel like hip-hop artists have been taking their careers into their own hands and I just want to give a salute to everyone because it’s not easy. The music has been sort of changing and adding new sounds to the game and introducing new people to the game, so I would just give a big nod to hip-hop for 2012.

Is working as a judge on “American Idol” what you thought it would be like?

No. They’re very long days and that’s the biggest thing I didn’t really expect. I’m used to being able to handle my business at any time, and when it’s ‘American Idol,’ sometimes we’re in one place for eight hours judging people, and I can’t go to my BlackBerry every five minutes like I’m used to. So that kind of slows my business down, and that is something that I never could have foreseen. But, as a whole, I love the experience that I’m getting.

How are you and Mariah Carey, another new judge on “Idol,” getting along?

December 2012
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Pink Friday Tour : Sydney, AU (Photos)

As thousands of young girls screamed her name, Minaj appeared on stage inside a pink rocket ship as fireworks and dry ice exploded around her. Decked out in a black tutu with matching bra and long blonde hair, Minaj belted out opening track “Come On A Cone” as her Barbz went crazy all around the arena.

With a stage featuring multiple levels and changing graphics projected onto video screens, including a nightclub, the ocean and her bedroom, Minaj’s stage set up was impressive to say the least. Joined throughout by her excellent back-up dancers, she made sure to perform all the hits, with “Beez In The Trap”, “Did It On ‘Em” and “Moment 4 Life” all getting a look in.

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November 2012
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Nicki talks on Direction of Next Album

Nicki Minaj spread some sunshine during her trip to the Land Down Under. The rap diva, who is in Australia for her “Pink Friday: Reloaded” tour, had a blast while attending the 26th Annual ARIA Awards in Sydney. The blonde Barb was radiant in a rainbow-colored fringe dress with leggings that showed off her curves as she presented the award for Best Urban release.

While Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up just hit stores, she’s already thinking about her next album. In an interview with Fuse, she described the follow-up as “a continuation of The Re-Up.”

“I have a lot more to say,” said Nicki. “Production-wise, I love where The Re-Up is going and I want to continue down that path and I want to add on to that musically.”

As far as her favorite collaborative videos go, she picked B.o.B’s “Out of My Mind” and Ludacris’ “My Chick Bad” as standouts. “I think that was the one that set me apart,” she said of the latter.