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March 2010
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Website Gets A Makeover!


Finally! After having the last look for over a year we bring to you a fresh new look here for the site! Thanks to Dirty Little Secret Designs for the much needed makeover. The sidebar has been updated with tons of new features for you to enjoy and we are currently looking for more top & elite affiliates! If your interested feel free to apply today!

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March 2010
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ALBUM NEWS: Nicki Minaj to Launch ‘Massive’ First Single

Now that Drake has announced his first single, Young Money’s First Lady is next to bat. Nicki Minaj has revealed details about her debut single, which is sure to make a big bang.

008 In an interview with, Lil Wayne’s protégée answered the question we’ve all been asking: What will be the lead single from her hotly-anticipated debut album? “The first single is called ‘Massive Attack.’ Sean Garrett produced that,” she said.

Garrett, who enlisted the hip-hop Barbie for his own single “Get It All,” dropped a few additional details about the song, which was produced by him and Alex Da Kid. “I just did Nicki’s first single featuring me. It’s gonna be a fucking bomb,” he shared. “It’s very, very explosive! It’s a club banger. It’s a lot broader than what people would expect her to come with. The record puts her in the game in a way that says she should’ve been here a long time ago.”

The songwriter behind Beyoncé’s “Diva” and Fergie’s “London Bridge” discussed how the collaboration came together. “I didn’t know but Nicki said that she had been a humongous fan of mine and that I’m the one producer she always wanted to work with. What was so crazy to me is that I was a big fan of hers,” he explained.

“When it comes to female artists, everyone knows my favorite artist in the world to work with is Beyoncé. My favorite new artist to work with was, of course, Nicki Minaj, just because she was so different and she wasn’t really trying to do the same shit that everybody else was doing. I had the same love and respect for her that she had for me, but neither one of us knew it.”

As for when the femme fatale will launch her “Attack”? “It’ll be out very soon. I don’t have an exact date, but it will drop right on time,” said Minaj, while Garrett added, “She has a real way of how she wants to do this. It’s just gonna be a surprise when it comes. She just wants to make it as huge as possible.”

Plans are already underway to shoot the accompanying visuals. “We’re actually shooting the video within a week,” she disclosed. “I can’t wait for you guys to see it.”

–D.L. with reporting by Georgette Cline


February 2010
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PHOTOS: More “Roger Dat” Video Shoot Stills


Photos courtesy of Derrick G & Ozone Magazine.

January 2010
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NEW AUDIO: Sean Garrett f/ Nicki Minaj – “Get It All”

Fresh off touring with Young Money, Sean “The Pen” Garrett scoops up Nicki Minaj for “Get It All,” a single off his U.S. debut album. Minaj proves why she’s the baddest (“I’ve been bad since sticky hands”) while the piano man plays.


This song is definitely a dope track, leave your comments on the song!

January 2010
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NEW AUDIO: “Your Love” x “Girlfriend”

I wasn’t going to post these songs because they are not from an official Nicki Minaj mixtape. However, they have made rounds around the web already so you may as well enjoy them. The first “Your Love” is a sample of an Annie Lennox song, “No More ‘I Love You’s”. This is actually my favorite of the newer songs to release, definitely worth the download.

Next we have the song “Girlfriend” which is dedicated to Nicki’s “BFF”. Another dope track from Nicki. Check them both out and leave your comments here!

November 2009
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Lil’ Twist feat. Nicki Minaj – “Old Enough”

A track off of Lil’ Twist’s upcoming mixtape.

November 2009
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Paper Doll: Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is known for her slow wine. She’s mastered it. A perfect ménage — languid, sex-soaked, and hypnotic. But we’re talking delivery, not dancehall, folks. The Queens native spits a sweet sixteen. Her lyrics — fun and flirty, and a foot past suggestive — may rival her male counterparts’ but it’s that sex-kitten purr that allows her to grind in her own lane.

Photoshoot Photos:
001 004 002 003

View the videos from the photoshoot after the jump:

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May 2009
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Nicki Minaj performs @ Core DJ Retreat X (Atlanta, GA)

I’ve got several videos of Nicki performing at the Core DJ Retreat X in Atlanta, Georgia on April 25, 2009 @ Studio 72 (Atlanta,GA). For more footage from the retreat and more videos of Nicki, please visit

Itty Bitty Piggy

More videos after the jump.

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April 2009
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version 2.0 is finally upon us!

Yes, as many of you who have been visiting the site constantly over the past month (which has been crazy!) you can tell that we have a brand spankin’ new look here at the site. Thanks to the girls over at Dirrty Laundry using the latest gorgeous photoshoot outtakes of Miss Minaj. For those of you who have registered feel free to leave your comments on this update on how you like the new look!

There will be several updates over the next few days, along with some new additions launching on the site. Including the community aka message board, as well as a new photo gallery for easier browsing.

The site has been getting a lot of new/returning visitors as we’re reaching 2,000+ visitors a day now! I just want to thank everyone for making the website a success and hope you all continue to return often!