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2 Comments on ““106th & Nicki” full coverage (photos & footage)

  1. Nicki is my girl even though she is kind of crazy i know thats just what she wants to show her fan.Deep down inside she really isnt like that and we all know that she has a kind heart and has very much confidence.I look up to her in some way and though she has haters out there she still doesnt give up and i lke that about her.Im 13 years of age i can rap and sing ,she basicly influenced me to rap but ive been singing for 8 years.Enough about me this is all nicki ,do you and get that money,not even that follow your dreams and do what you was set out there for.MARAJ!

  2. NICKI L FUNKING LUV THIS VIDEO AND L LUV U 2 NICKI COME 2 HOUSTON AND IT BABIE BICTH*************************************************************************88

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