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  1. Yo Nicki, you got ight talk but for real stop playing!! Have some R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Lil – Lil Kim got this from the get!!!! For real if you gonna try to put her down at least put your words together! I understand though you were on what’s her names show…. I get it, it’s understood! LMAO – Honestly, you gonna let folks call you “Barbie” and you good with that? Really??? Think about that for just a second, yup just for a second…

  2. yo nicki minaj stay strong an pround.yuh know yuh dthe one an yuh stay fly an the way dthat you said dthat those people were your family dthat was powerful an dont cry..i think if you grandma was still on dthis earth she would be so proud of yuhhow much u came to beging a very gewd rapper.let people belive what they wanna belive .i belive yuh are the best an i think dthat was gewd what u did for your family too.best of luck.can u go on facebook if yuh have one an yull see my pictures an i wanna kno if u can give meh a back stage pass to on of your shows.and give meh on of your suff an a autograph cause i can show my friends dthat yuh are the one of the best love yuh so much anisha

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