AUDIO: Preview “We Are Young Money” Tracks For Free

cover is offering a preview of the “We Are Young Money” album which is due to drop December 21st. You can listen to the snippets on their website. There are two tracks in particular where you can hear Nicki rapping which are 8. “F*** Da Bulls***” and 12. “Roger That”. Click here to check them out!

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5 Comments on “AUDIO: Preview “We Are Young Money” Tracks For Free

  1. kant wait 4 dhat album t0 dr0p
    fendi kn0’s t0 fukk wid me wen dhat album dr0ps cuz um qettin it a.s.a.p

  2. clearly i am buying 50 million mother fuckin copies judt for nicki minaj she is my best friend border line obsession with this bad bitchhhh
    its barbie bitch <3
    hahaha i lovvvveeee uu please come bermudaaaa! i wld literally go crazy

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