BET: Lil’ Wayne Salutes Drake & Nicki Minaj In Letter To Fans

Though the Young Money captain is currently locked away on Rikers Island in New York for gun possession charges, Weezy’s newest letter to his fans illustrates his ear is always glued to the street, especially when it comes to the Young Money crew like Nicki Minaj.

With Drake’s “Thank Me Later” debut hitting the gold mark in 14 days and Nicki Minaj’s colorful guest verses circulating throughout the industry, Wayne made sure to recognize the two youngsters’ hard work.

“I applaud my Young Money family for what they’re doing,” Weezy wrote. “As I’m not surprised. This is what we’re supposed to do.”

Weezy’s understudies are doing so well, Mr. Carter may consider retiring before the age of 30. “Congrats to Drake and Nicki Minaj for all their recent success,” Weezy added. “Those 2 are going to have me retiring early. I love my team.”

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