can you rap like nicki minaj?

If you can, you have a chance to be a guest on 106th & Park! Read more about it below:

We’re looking for the biggest Nicki Minaj fans on the planet!

If you’re a true “Barbie” upload yourself rapping your favorite Nicki Minaj verse! The best ones will have a shot at being shown on 106 & Park!

Here are the details:

– Make the video 20 seconds or less.
– No music – record the verse acapella.
– Keep it clean! Don’t use any offensive language that can’t be aired on TV.
– Don’t use any graphics or special effects in the video.

Click here to upload your video!

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2 Comments on “can you rap like nicki minaj?

  1. I’m dah biggest fan but I don’t wanna sound obssessive but no one can mimic Nicki dah way I do -lol- because of her I’m workin’ on becomin’ dah first gay rapper & to be honest…..I’m dah best hands down! -lol-

  2. This will be the easiest contest ever!!! imma win for sure!!! lol bye Barbies love all yall girls

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