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nicki minaj helps raise breast cancern awareness with pink friday

With the help of rapper, singer and songwriter, Nicki Minaj, Black Friday — the traditional start of the holiday shopping season — will once again turn pink on Nov. 26 as CompUSA and TigerDirect turn the shopping extravaganza into a charitable free-for-all for the fourth consecutive year. The consumer electronics and technology retailers expect to raise more than $100,000 from a portion of online sales and from customer donations to Susan G. Komen for the Cure(R), the world’s largest breast cancer organization.

“I fully support the efforts of Pink Friday and the goal of raising funds to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure and their charge to bring an end to breast cancer,” said Minaj. “I am pleased to be associated with the Pink Friday initiatives and to raise awareness amongst fellow African American women who are often the hardest hit by breast cancer.”

Customers can get involved in the following ways:

Donate $1, $5, $10 or $20, on top of their in-store or online purchase to Komen for the Cure. Watch a live 12-hour Webcast that will be available on and, from noon to midnight. During the live webcast, limited quantities of electronics and other products will be sold at 50 percent off list price. The full proceeds from the sales will go directly to Komen. Sponsors of the Webcast include Intel, AMD, Lenovo, Logitech, I-INC, Canon, CA, Toshiba, TRENDnet, Garmin, Targus, Ultra, Samsung and Sony. View inspiring breast cancer survivor videos and educational segments during the webcast.


birdman speaks on nicki minaj, “roman’s revenge” + “beefs”

The buzz surrounding Nicki Minaj seems to be at its highest point. But the song that everyone’s talking about is “Roman’s Revenge,” with Eminem. Were you shocked to hear Nicki go toe-to-toe with Em?

Well, Nicki doesn’t surprise me anymore. I be around her a lot and I think she’s very talented. I think she has surprised other people, but not me. Going back to when we first signed her I felt that she had this special talent. Nicki can rap…she has style; she is classy with it. She has all the elements. And she is around the best that’s doing it today. She has a team, but Nicki is handling her own.

Given Cash Money’s past policy of staying out of beefs, did you know Nicki was going to go at Lil’ Kim?

Real talk, but maybe Kim asked for it. Usually we don’t try to make money like that…that’s not our theory. We make great music. We have never been the type to make songs about motherfuckas. I think Nicki is speaking in general, not just Kim personally. A lot of motherfuckers have been hating on her success. To me, they are all asking for it. I don’t think any of them has as a talented clique as Nicki. We a movement.

What comes to mind when you hear Eminem call your girl Nicki Smalls?

That means a lot. It’s great that Nicki is being recognized. Everybody is paying attention. For her to be working with Em and these different acts outside of Cash Money shows that she’s handling her own business. Nicki sings, she raps…we try to have well-rounded artists. Wayne is the same way. He raps, sings and plays guitar. Same with Drake with his singing, acting and rapping. We are molding them to not just be rappers. Just don’t limit yourself.

Source: VIBE

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nicki minaj collaborates with mtv for documentary

As Drake traveled the road to music stardom earlier this year, MTV was with him every step of the way, getting behind-the-scenes footage. The result was an enjoyable documentary entitled ‘Better Than Good Enough’ that showed the tremendous work that goes into launching a star. Young Money’s next big one is Nicki Minaj and it looks like she’ll be getting the same treatment from the television network as cameras have been following her every move during the recording process.

“Here’s a first look at a BIG project I’m doing with MTV,” Minaj teased on Twitter Monday evening, posting a screenshot. “Sneak peak later this week!!!”

Both her and Drake have had the pressure of dealing with major debut releases in similar environments. Both have increasingly vast fanbases clamoring for perfection and guessing sales figures. With younger fans more eager to purchase pop-oriented music finding a balance between pop and traditional hip-hop versus becomes the challenge.

‘Pink Friday’ is available from stores and digital retailers on Nov. 22. Minaj, like Drake in June, will also appear for a surefire chaotic signing at Best Buy in Manhattan on Nov. 23.

keyshia cole mentions nicki minaj in ybf interview

Keyshia Cole is looking fabulous, sounding amazing, and pushing forward with her newest yet-to-be-named album. had the fab opportunity to sit down and chat with Ms. Cole on the set of her new video for “I Aint Thru” just days ago.

She reveals to us the possible names for her upcoming album, the inspirations she’s gotten from motherhood, finding “the one”, and the real deal with her and Nicki Minaj.

YBF: What was the inspiration behind the video “I Ain’t Thru?”

Keyshia Cole (KC): The inspiration behind “I Ain’t Thru,” I think Benny’s direction was just getting me and Nicki together of course because she’s on the song. And more street elements, back to the basics of the first album.

Why did you choose this particular track as one as the first off this album?

KC: I love this record. I just like the song. It was an idea that I came up with a long time ago and me and Nicki decided to do a feature together and I just played it for her to see what she would think about it. It just came and it was hot to me.

Speaking of Nicki, we’ve been hearing some rumors about a rift between you two in the studio. So, do you and Nicki go way back?

KC: No, no, no, that’s the second time somebody asked me that. We actually just met, but she’s a dope MC. I think that she brings a lot of excitement to the game. She’s not afraid to be different and I think that that’s dope.

And you all have a good connection?

KC: Yeah, yeah. It was all good, it was dope.

nicki minaj wants lil wayne to record remix “right away”

One of Lil Wayne’s first orders of business once he returns to the studio will be recording a remix for Nicki Minaj. The Young Money femcee said that plans are underway for Weezy to remix a Pink Friday album cut.

“I think that he’s definitely going to be doing a remix, as he was in jail when I recorded Pink Friday,” Nicki told DJ Skee on 102.7 KIIS FM’s “New Music Show.” “He’s not on Pink Friday, so I will definitely want to get his little butt in the studio to do a remix right away.”

She didn’t say which song he would be remixing, but when Skee suggested an entire album, Nicki replied, “The Lil Wayne remix Pink Friday album.”

The Harajuku Barbie has spoken with the recently released YM chief, who was in Arizona today for a court appearance. “He’s doing well. He’s in great spirits. He’s always upbeat,” shared Nicki, who is excited to reunite with her boss. “I’ll see him on Sunday. I cannot wait! I just can’t wait to hug him and stuff.”

Wayne will celebrate his homecoming with his Cash Money-Young Money family at a party hosted by his record label in Miami this Sunday, and may appear at Drake’s “Light Dreams and Nightmares Tour” closer tomorrow in Las Vegas.


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