New Co-Webmaster (@AwesomeLucasC)

Hey guys. I am a new helper of the posts and gallery updates here, on! I’ve been posting several posts on the site and I decided to be a co-owner here! I really love this website, so I promise to update everything on my inspiration, Nicki Minaj. I had been owning an other fansite for Nicki Minaj,, but I left it to use this one too.
I’ve listed my Email into the Site Stats sidebar so you can contact me there for more, or you can tweet me – follow me – DM me on Twitter, @AwesomeLucasC !

Hello From A New Co-Web

Hello all! I am Maddie and I have just become a new co-web at Nicki-Minaj.Org! Some of you may know me from my other fansite, Zac-Efron.Us. I am also a huge fan of Nicki Minaj which is why I decided to become the co-web here and help William provide you with the lastest news and images of Nicki! Expect some new updates in several hours! Keep checking this fansite again because it will contain new information and photos of our Nicki!