Drake On Nicki Minaj: “She’s, Like, The Love Of My Life…”

gq-nicki-drake What are your thoughts on this cover?

It’s great to me. I’ve never done XXL, so it’s exciting. And to be doing it with Nicki, man, that’s my dog. That’s more than my dog. That’s, like, we have the most interesting relationship, ’cause it’s so multilayered. That’s my co-worker, my peer, my family. But, at the same time, on any given day, she’s, like, the love of my life… Nicki’s a very intriguing character. To be doing it with her is great, man.

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6 Comments on “Drake On Nicki Minaj: “She’s, Like, The Love Of My Life…”

  1. awwwwww you 2 would make the cutest couple. i can see it already! luv ya both muahsss

  2. i cant believe drake said that but u can tell that somthing has to be going on they should just get together before some other nigga get with the sexy fly barbie

  3. So who is Nicki dating im confused now??? If so u congrats cuz yall r cute together her & wayne dont mix!

  4. umm yea i think that nicki and drake make a cute couple… she pretty and hes fine assz fuck. i mean yea whyy not…

  5. cute pic but da wayne is better okay drake so just bck and stop tryin 2 take waynes barbie and yuu knw betta nicki!! but yuu still our HARJAUKU BARBIE 4 LYFE BOOO!!!!!

  6. Hmm…idk, Drake and her are adorable but I think Wayne and Nicki are the better couple. Why not just have both?

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