Exclusive New Nicki Freestyle “Get Em Girl”

Here is an exclusive freestyle Nicki just performed in studio with producer, Bangladesh. To view the lyrics and details about the upcoming track view more information after the jump!

GET EM GIRL featuring Gucci Mane

Now ring ring the alarm on my lamborghini
Tell em to beat it no drum no tamborini
You know the shoes say lamb that say Gwen Stefani
Be eatin sushi in my pucci where is my dasani

Now beep beep when I sittin in a traffic jam
Becuz my feet belong in sand out in pakastan

And tweet tweet on my twitter on my blackberry
Now all my bitches go (urrr) they attack for me
Now where the fuck is all my get em girls
Straight up out the calendar
Click click pose always ready for the camerer

Yes I’m the barbie, I don’t be with cabbage patch kids
But I like cake so I guess I’m like a fat kid

Source: Nicki’s World

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