fans react to nicki minaj and rihanna track

The Internet is buzzing about Rihanna’s new track “Raining Men” featuring a guest verse from Nicki Minaj. The dance-inspired pop cut comes from Ri-Ri’s upcoming album Loud, which hits shelves on November 16. Though the title can be seen as misleading—no Weather Girls’ “It’s Raining Men” samples here—Nicki does reference the classic in her rhyme.

“Laying on the beach, they be feeding me my catfishes, cause it’s raining men! Fat bitches,” she spits as both her Roman Zolanski and Barbie characters.

Some fans expected “Fly” from Minaj’s Pink Friday LP, which arrives November 22, to be the first Rihanna and Nicki collaboration to reach the web. However, like Rihanna’s album, “Raining Men” dropped first and fans are weighing in.

One of the first reactions questioned just who wrote “Raining Men.”

“Nicki wrote Rihanna’s part in ‘Raining Men’?”asked @wutthenadja.

Considering the reference track “Saxon” leaked last year with Nicki Minaj singing, “Guess who? You bitches, it’s RiRi,” one could imagine Barbie was penned a few lines for the Bajan beauty.

The Twitter response to the track itself has been mainly positive.

“Who has heard ‘Raining Men’? That song is on point Mehn!” @BeeBeetch wrote.

Elsewhere fans predicted that the song would become an anthem.

“ ‘Raining Men’ is going to be a perfect club song, mixed or original,” said @MsDani.

Even the fellas are shamelessly enjoying the female-driven cut.

“#nowplaying the new Rihanna and Nicki Minaj ‘Raining Men’ … Def the new girls anthem,” @Jus_Blazeee tweeted. “I could see it now.”

“I like this ‘Raining Men’ song!” added @DeeMarKayy.

Both Rihanna and Nicki Minaj have colossal fanbases that appear to be taking sides on which diva outshine the other.

“Clearly Team Minaj is loving ‘Raining Men’ but only because of Nicki’s part,” @CarolineSmythe tweeted. “Congrats. You did it again.”

Morning talk show host Regis Philbin called Minaj the next Lady Gaga, but don’t the Ri-Ri’s fans …

“Sorry Gaga, I might listen to Loud first until [ Born That Way ] comes out,” @CosmicTragedy tweeted.

As possibly the most anticipated song from Loud, “Raining Men” seems to be living up to the hype. Next up? Hopefully “Fly”… and RapFix will keep you posted on whether the song actually soars.

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