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Sometimes one isn’t enough, after two you need just a little bit more but three always seems to be that magic number. For Young Money Entertainment’s rising new female rapper, Nicki Minaj things are always best in threes. Finally after finishing her successful stint on the Young Money Tour and in between working on her upcoming debut album, Nicki played a little game with called, Minaj A Trois. Nicki gave us her top 3 on a range of topics that revealed her love of chocolate men, getting dumped for crying, why people who blast air conditioners should be jailed and more crazy, fun randomness!

My Celebrity Crushes: I always thought Morris Chestnut was a big hunk of chocolate. I also say Blair Underwood and Boris Kodjoe. I like them big and tall.

My Ultimate Guilty Pleasures: I love butter pecan ice cream. I like to eat lemons with salt. I always have a hoarse voice and people told me to eat lemon with honey. I loved the way lemons taste and I started putting salt on it. I’m weird. When I was a little kid I put tomatoes in a bowl and put hot sauce and salt in it. I had to hide it from my mother ‘cause she thought I’d get sick. So tomatoes were my crazy guilty pleasure when I was little. A freezing cold pickle. I like it in the middle of the night. It is so freaking good!

My Most Embarrassing Moments: In elementary school we did a play and I was the only moron. I got really emotional at the end on stage and I started crying. They were all laughing at me. So I went back to class and my boyfriend that I was dating for like three days, dumped me. He was like “Cry baby, cry baby. I’m not your boyfriend anymore. You’re a cry baby.” It ruined my whole life. I don’t really get embarrassed anymore though.

My Must-Have Fashion Items: Well right now I’m all about leggings. I have to have Fendi shoes. I’m obsessed with them now because they always fit me right. I have small feet so to find shoes that fit me is a good thing. I can’t leave home or go to the airport without my Louis Vuitton luggage.

My Favorite Personal Features: I love my sense of humor. I think that sense of humor and sarcasm is underrated. I like having hips ‘cause they fill out pants really good. When my lashes are done I like my eyes but if they are not done, then hell to the no. I convey all my emotions through my eyes. I look too plain and crazy without my lashes like I escaped from a mental asylum.

My Best Hidden Talents: I’m a good actress and I studied acting. I want to get my music out to the masses first so I’ll take my time with acting. My favorite girl in the whole world is Jada Pinkett Smith so I’d want to play her role in “Jason’s Lyric” or “Set it Off,” and maybe even Halle’s role in “Monster’s Ball.” I’m a good songwriter too. I’m a great, great, great with a capital G cook. I have so many best dishes. I make a special dish called boneless stew chicken and it’s seasoned for 48 hours with the best spices. I can’t tell you which spices I use ‘cause then I’d have to kill you. That is the most insane thing you have ever eaten. It sends like a tingling sensation in your mouth. I also make excellent seafood and pastas. So you have to work your way up to that.

My Ultimate Pet Peeves: I hate people that burp. I don’t wanna see you or hear you doing it. I know someone that burps all day. It’s like come on now, you’re making yourself burp. I hate people that pick their nose. Anyone that picks their nose can’t be my friend. You can’t do that ever in my sight or else I have to dissociate you from the Barbies. You can blow your nose but you can’t pick it. My biggest one is cold. I wish everyone that blasts air conditioners could all be jailed. I’m tired of getting sick when I travel to my shows every weekend ‘cause idiots don’t cater to people with my kind of blood. When I go to the studio if it is cold I will not work.

What I Need to Learn: I’d love to learn how to truly dance. I studied dance in school a little ‘cause it was mandatory but I wish I could be trained. I wish I could be trained in the gym. I need to learn how to truly work out and eat right and get my health popping. I want to be trained on how to use wisdom when I speak and think things out more before I say it.

My Favorite Movies: “Gladiator,” “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Sarafina.”

If I Could Change the World: I wish children never cried. If I could stop them from crying I would be so happy. I hate seeing them cry and knowing some will die of hunger. Sometimes we take things like that for granted. I just wasted about $50 of food twenty minutes ago. To me our children haven’t reached their full potential in learning. I would devise new ways of educating them to create more scientists and doctors and that type of thing in our community. I would add fun for the kids. I think sometimes hip-hop lacks fun for the kids. They want to be like people that are always serious and angry. So I want to change that and add fun to the game again.

My Most Memorable Moments in Life: Signing my record deal. Welcoming my little brother to my home when I was little. That was my everything and I am very overprotective of my little brother. I have two nieces too but now when I see them I’m like the freaking auntie that spoils them. They know soon as I come around they about to go shopping. So I switched sides now. Buying my first car ‘cause everyone said no way I would keep it. They said I wouldn’t be able to pay it off, that I would crash it and I don’t know how to drive. I paid it off and never had an issue with my BMW. I had it for its entire life span and now we are all set.

Source: Teen Music

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