jeremih & lloyd speak on nicki minaj in an exclusive interview

Nicki Minaj’s peers always have something to say about her, and Jeremih & Lloyd are no different. They both sat down with recently for their own individual interviews, and the HB came up in conversation for each. Check out what they both had to say about her below:

Jeremih was his chipper self, shining in place of the absent sun as he let loose with to discuss his drink of choice, the song he thinks Nicki Minaj should sample, and the name of his pet turtle. Here’s what he had to say.

4. What do you think would be a hot track for you or another artist to sample?
I always thought, from a production standpoint, it would be dope if Nicki Minaj remixed a sample of “Barbie Girl” [performed by Aqua].

To see what Lloyd had to say about Nicki continue reading to check out the video below:

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