jessie j wants nicki minaj for remix

Getting a verse from Nicki Minaj is not easy these days, but Jessie J is up to the task. The British singer-songwriter has set her sights on recruiting the in-demand rapper and she’s not stopping until she gets what she wants.

The 22-year-old BRIT Award honoree tried reaching out to the Harajuku Barbie for a remix, but was unsuccessful at first. “I tried to, but I think she’s a busy lady,” she tells “I’d love to have her on my ‘Do It Like a Dude’ [remix] for the U.S., but I like to let things happen organically. I think if she likes it, it’ll happen.”

Now that she’s making a name for herself, Jessie hopes to reignite talks in-person at next month’s Grammy Awards. “I’m a huge fan of hers. I’m just gonna maybe bug her at the Grammys like, ‘Hi, we have the same hair.’ You never know. I’m just gonna keep an open mind and see what happens.”

The stars may align sooner as Nicki visits Jessie’s London hometown this week for her Pink Friday promo tour.

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  1. perrrrfect match luv jessies do it like a dude and with nicki minaj adding to it for a remix i think could be a massive hit look a taio cruz who added luda for his us release of break my heart and that was uber successful, because they are more likely to listen to it if there is someone in a song that you know

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