joanna newsom wants to work with nicki minaj

In a recent interview with Malibu Magzine, the 28-year-old folk songstress divulged that while an official date hasn’t been set in stone, there will definitely be a “future scheduled stop with [her] harp on The Simpsons.” But if the prospect of watching Newsome frolicking in all her fully animated glory isn’t enough, she also told Malibu about a couple of exciting collaborations that she wants to pursue.

In addition to working with Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold (her one-time tourmate and Kid Rock cover partner), Newsom also admitted to wanting to work with Young Money’s First Lady – Nicki Minaj – on a future project. No word on whether Newsom would adopt any of the rapper’s outfits for the video, but the results sure would be interesting. In the meantime you can check Newsome out at one of the tour dates below. Some tickets are available at venue websites through Drag City’s tour page.

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