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1 Comment on “Joe Budden Speaks on BET Cypher & Nicki Minaj

  1. When Joe Budden entered the scene, the media under-estimated his SKILLS! Jay Z needs to retire. Everyone knows he rode Biggie’s coattails to be on top of his game. He also told ‘fictitious tales’ about selling drugs! {I hate ya’ dudes who get the real world and rap confused}. Joe Budden is PURE talent! No street lies, no pretense, just a great narrator with unbelievable lyrical talent. The Cypher proved it! There has not been one rapper who wanted to challenge him, or send a ‘bar’ his way.

    Nikki Minaj has a great flow. She uses satire in her flow and lyrics. (ex,’No Smoking Sign’} She is another Chaucer in a modern-day urban Canterbury tale. Please comprehend her style. Don’t over-analyze it!

    I have been a fan of Buckshot Shorty for years. I was a little disappointed. I was expecting him to be a little stronger on this Cypher. Still love you though!

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