lil wayne clowning with nicki minaj backstage on tour

For many artists, the long nights and days of travel involved with touring can get to be quite a drag – Nicki Minaj hinted to this in an earlier MTV News interview that she’s even gotten sick as a result of the heavy schedule. However when your boss is Lil Wa

yne, perhaps the constant road grind is a touch more bearable.

MTV News snagged some backstage footage of Nicki and Weezy goofing off backstage during the conclusion of the kickoff of the I Am Still Music tour in Rhode Island, offering a candid portrayal of the Young Money stars letting their hair down and enjoying a relaxing moment without the glare of the stage lights.

Erupting in laughter in the break room, Lil Wayne takes some playful jabs at Nicki Minaj and the props she used to open up her set – needless to say, the item in question can’t directly be printed in this space but if uses their imagination, just imagine if you will a pink, ahem, member. The jokes ensued when Lil Wayne asked who was going to retrieve the item from the set after Nicki was done and Weezy in top comedic form made certain that he had no intentions of doing the Barbie’s light work.

MTV News’ Sway and Nicki Minaj were in the midst of an interview when all of the jokes began flying about, with Sway and Nicki barely keeping a straight face. Sway asked Wayne if he was going to help his young starlet out with carrying the prop away, and walked off cracking a joke that he has enough, ahem, hard work to do of his own.

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  1. Nicki is amazing. everything about her makes me smile. i love the way she presents herself and holds herself. her music is amazing and fulfilling. i haven’t had the easy time by far but to see some1 whos been through so much and still going through things and conquering. NICKI UR AMaZING!

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