lil wayne says he’s ‘jealous’ of nicki minaj

A day after celebrating his 28th birthday behind bars and releasing his new “I Am Not a Human Being” EP, Lil Wayne issued a new letter on his website today (Sept. 28) to show fans his gratitude for their “endless love and support.” The rapper also shouts out New York radio stations WBLS and KISS-FM, addresses his children and describes how he is “awaiting freedom patiently” before his November release from Rikers Island.

“Honestly, I can’t fxckin’ wait!” Wayne writes of leaving prison. “I’m still playing UNO. Still doing pushups and such, by the way, please don’t expect me to come out looking any different. I’m the same little ‘ol me. Also, I’ve been trying to get as much rest as I can because I know I won’t when I’m out of here.”

Wayne also tells fans that his “I Am Not a Human Being” release is “great, like every one of you.” He also tells fellow Young Money stars Nicki Minaj and Drake, “I am jealous of you… but it’s cool! I miss you all and keep killin’ ’em.”

After pleading guilty to a weapons charge last March, Lil Wayne is set to leave Rikers Island on Nov. 5, four months before the end of his sentence. “Right Above It,” the lead single off “Human Being” featuring Drake, is currently at No. 31 on the Hot 100.

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