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3 Comments on “live stream of nicki minaj at best buy signing

  1. She going rock the world soon over millions of cds sold being the hottest rapper and singer of alltime she going be balling like mad soon everyone buy it now lets knocxk taylor swift down now let nikki be number one now!She on charts anyway with big stars lil wayne,sean kingston,young gotti,gucci man,riannha,many others even pdiddy,rick ross,trina,rumor ke$ha – beiber want to do songs with her,well she get movie roles,cartoons show like mr t had-mc hammer had and be in matrix preloaded if all boycott it be made where she and few other could go back in time replace trinity-neo with clones then we be balling and other films she would be cool in,she wins awards like mad even at world music awards,riannah love nikki ya shes going be number one rumor its sold million units now

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