I Get Crazy

Nicki minaj –

i just came out of the muthafuckin old school
got my mac notebook with the pro tools
yall bitches aint ready for nicki lewensky
bad WOOF WOOF fire then a frisby
so im up in ??? eating mangos
keep a couple pink toes in my sandals
got soem bangles all over my ankles
such a star they say imma star spangle
but for buh;buh;buh;buh ————
i i i i am the the the rap henna
ma mon montana so fix your antenna
i keep three hoes but dont call me stunna
and i am more quiet then rain deers in the winter

I get crazyyy
i get crazyyy

Nicki minaj-

so i got the bad bitch mentally cause i just came frorm another galaxy
i be with the president up in the white house
if we in the over office then the lights out.
cause i am the wicked witch im the nickster
and i keep a bad bitch on my jickster
but i leave her in a second for a thicker
rockstar little mama with a guitar

i am nicki el-em-en-oh-wensky
i mean my name ring bells like pinky
i mean pinker
tell that nigga link her
cause im looking for some good brains for my thinker

2 3rd floor
hospital gown
niggas is doors and i knock niggas down
straight jacket crooked
i hear you looking
im rhyming somthing hard
and i swear you pussy
i aint crazy no yes i am
right up in a coo-coo nest i land
im fly so eat my bird shit
yea im crazy ; crazy about your bitch
wild animal im on my bewildered shit
i love brain so im looking for a nerd bitch
it’s nicki minaj the superb witch
and weezy f baby; no weezy f

Hook .
*i get crazy*

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