MC Lyte Sings Praises To Nicki Minaj

MC Lyte was spotted at a Pennsylvania college this week where she not only taught a class, but gave a special shoutout to Nicki Minaj. The legendary female emcee was teaching at Millersville University when the Young Money princess was brought up in the lecture.

Instead of bashing her, like another female rapper famously has, Lyte took the high road and sang her praises to Minaj saying,

“She is a smart business woman. Creatively she is a mesh of sweet tea of MC Lyte, of Salt N Pepa, of Eve, of Kim, of Foxy, of everyone that has existed before. And we all have followed the steps of such great female MCs. There’s no way that I can say that I wasn’t influenced by Salt N Pepa.”

She also made sure to add that despite what others say, Nicki shows respect to the ones who came before and pays homage.

“She gives homage. She’s says she’s been influenced by the female MCs but she’s also been influenced by a certain genre of music that many of us love but never had the guts to put it as a part of our music and that’s pop culture.”

Nicki has since seen the video herself and thanked Lyte on Twitter saying, “@MClyte thanks for the kind words sis.” [Source]

Written by Maddie