MTV: Bruce Willis Flattered By Shout-Out From Nicki Minaj

SAN DIEGO — There’s little doubt that Bruce Willis is a bona fide movie star, and the latest proof of his celebrity status is the shout-out he receives in Nicki Minaj’s single “Your Love.” “And for your lovin’ I’mma Die Hard like Bruce Willis,” the chorus proclaims. As it turns out, Willis reacts similarly when pop stars give him props.

“I can’t get enough songs on the radio that have my name in it,” he told MTV during their Thursday live stream from Comic-Con. “It’s always an honor. I love that song. I don’t understand it, but I can understand my name.”

Considering Willis told MTV that “Die Hard 5” is “imminent,” Minaj could not have picked a better time to put “Bruce Willis” and “Die Hard” in the same sentence.

While Willis said he appreciates — but doesn’t quite understand — Minaj’s songs, he said that he wouldn’t be returning to the music world anytime soon. Anyone holding out for Willis to star in Hollywood’s next big musical should continue to hold their breath, too, as he said the chance of him singing on the big screen is “highly doubtful.”

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