mtv vma rehearsal photos + first look at the stage


Here are photos of Nicki Minaj as she rehearses for her MTV VMA pre-show performance tomorrow night at 8PM. You can see Nicki has on a cowgirl hat and has auburn bangs (wig?) completely decked out in a pink stage. Brought to you here first, enjoy the exclusive untagged photos!

Here’s the following coverage by MTV just now:

Some music fans are intense. Others are REALLY intense. And then there are Nicki Minaj fans. When I say they go hard, I mean they go hard. So I knew all you Barbies would want to see the photo I just snapped of Nicki Minaj (thanks, little Blackberry!), who’s currently in LA Live, rehearsing for her VMA Pre-Show performance tomorrow.

We didn’t see out there with Nicki, whose stage and scaffolding are, of course Barbie pink. As were her patented Nicki patent leather stiletto booties (WANT THOSE!). And no “Massive Attack”-style Nicki, who’s up for a Best New Artist VMA, and her dancers ran through a version of “Your Love” with a few lines of “Check It Out” thrown in while Nicki held court pulling her signature “Duhrrr” and “Who Me?” cartoon facial contortions to match her pop-and-lock isolations. Nicki fans, you are going to L-O-V-E seeing her hold it down in the middle of downtown L.A. Trust.

Stay tuned for more photos of Nicki’s VMA rehearsal!

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