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1 Comment on “Music Video: Birdman f/ Nicki Minaj & Lil’ Wayne – “Y. U. Mad”

    Please i want you all to stop asking me to show my self on public,stop singing about me,stop
    showing signs about me,stop telling more fools,and wiches,stop treatening me,stop insulting me,and you all should forget,that i ever beg you you all,i dont wont you sinfull money anymore,not even a cent,i dont know any of you nigges and bitches anymore,i no longer watch MTVbase anymore,because of you guys,please you all should leave me and forget about me and my image,what if you see my face and die instantly,telling you all this,is because,am now a blood money making man,so anymore from you guy,might start murder,please donnot disobey me,or ill call the cops,and lie to them that,you a tank of cocain,and weed in you house,you that they will believe me,than you,stay off me,like beware from dog,we all like lion,leave me alone,and forget about revealing me in public,you are wiches,unspecialy 50cent,i dreamt,seing him in his covoun place,on a scary shoes,ask him and he might tell you its true, shadowsman

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