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10 Comments on “MUSIC VIDEO: Ludacris f/ Nicki Minaj – “My Chick Bad”

  1. i love my nicki minaj no matter what ! she killed tha video ! shout out 2 luda 2 but i love my nicki.. I SUPPORT U 100% IM DA BEST FAN ..NO OTHER

  2. man this gurl is bad. she spits fire and she hot as hell. i would give anything to even bask in her presence

  3. Dis ish is POPPINGTON!,,,,Luv da freakin pink LUK,,,Luda rap was crzi..Luv da beat…Nd YOU…URE JUS YOU

  4. Nicki, You are a true artist. You are great at what you do and you know it. Dont stop. You’re the best! Best Wishes, Deric..

  5. Nicki, I FREAK’N heart chu in dhis Vid.
    i especially likedd dha pink outfitt widd dha stray jacket.lol..-Too freak’n Popradicall-!
    anywaiszz jus stoppn by tuh show U 7nd ludacris’s New Videoo Sum ♥love’n!
    ₧:Chantell monaie!

  6. I loved this video alot. As i hear more of your music im becoming a bigger fan. Keep rapping and ill keep listening. THANKSS!

  7. you’re really all about your lyrics, nicki minaj is all you need on a song to make it happen flow is so sick, good for you girl!

  8. Man dis song go ii swur «its goin dwn basement friday da 13th nd guess whos playn jason» man dat goes Onika da hottest out male nd female… cum bkq 2 da lou

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