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4 Comments on “Music Video: Willow Smith f/ Nicki Minaj – “Fireball”

  1. If Nicki Minaj did not come into my life I dont know where I would be.. Each day I can count on her music and talent to inspire me to make it to the top. My only wish is I can meet her someday when I become the worlds next top male supermodel =]

  2. I am not your fans. I know your the first artist who have 7 hit in 100 billboard on the same time. I am a Moslem and I am really proud to be a moslem. In your song itty bitty piggy it is say Assalamualaikum and you know the rest. In one article you said that you are afraid of unlocked door because traumatic event related to your mom and always pray to your God.
    So why you write that kind of lyric? If you are religious person, was or are, I don’t know or your God replaced by one eyed God.
    Please you can still be great artist without hurting other religion coz this kind of thing which will take us to religion war someday. Please think about it, and let’s play role, you in our position so how would you feel?
    Maybe peace is a dream but I am not the only one who dream about it.

  3. Dnt knw y nobdy wud say smtin abt ur success, mayb i shud. Nicki, u ar d best tin dat has eva hapind 2 our music industry, i mean d world cn eca hav, jst kip doin ur tin. Luv u

  4. I love you Nicki Minaj to the fullest i wish that i could meet you and that would be my real dream.

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