Nas ‘Loved’ Linking Up With Nicki Minaj For ‘Champion’

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On Friday (March 16), the Harajuku Barbie unveiled the track list of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. Of course, Young Money counterparts Lil Wayne and Drake make appearances, but so do Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Cam’ron, Young Jeezy and 2 Chainz, not to mention Nas on a song called “Champion.”

“Nicki hit us up, I got love, so it was nothin’ — I did the record,” Nas told MTV News on Saturday night before his show at South by Southwest.

“Champion” also features Drake and Young Jeezy, and based off the features, one can assume that fans will see Nicki in full-on MC mode, as opposed to the pop presence on her current single “Starships.” It’s a duality Nicki embraces.

“I guess I am pop culture just because what I’m doing seems to be popular. When people want to do what you’re doing, it’s kinda popular,” she told MTV News after her NBA All-Star Game performance in February.

While fans wait to see how Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded holds up sonically, Nas gives his own assurance for “Champion.” For the Queensbridge, New York, MC, it all boils down to a simple feeling: “It’s hip-hop music; music is music. If I feel it, I can get on it. I heard the track, I felt it, I loved it.”

Written by Javi