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  2. Hi Onika!
    I am going to mail you, and cash money records a 7 paged letter. I am going to start on it today. I sent one to Jay-Z, and some of what I wrote in it is meant for you, and cash money/young money records. But when I send this one to you it will help us all to understand what to do about the letters that I have written already., especially the ones that I have sent to the gov’t. But i think that, and believe that more things will get done for the better, that have to mostly deal with things being done behind closed doors until the truth is revealed. Besides, the Pres. said lastnigt that he was no longer in support basically of the earmark? After he said that I figure that I will continue sending letters to the First Lady instead, because she is more concerned about the well being of the people, as a whole, rather than trying to tackle already resolved issues such as separate, but equal, and rich, and minority comparisons that lack proper , or decent evidences. But I have witness hip hop music do things politically, that has either put the unlawfulness of the judicial system, to public awareness, and public shame in the process of corruptions that been exposed shaming the inability of corrupt gov’t , all over the earth, not to be taken for granted. And the story has to be made known in full, the Truth. So that our children won’t suffer. And never mind that go back to Africa mentality that is being expressed nowadays, and there is nothing wrong with celebrating the fact that everyones words have a right to be heard, think about what they have did with the coke rush, just as J said. and we still have more to go to keep them from railroading us even further. These people are trying to take, and steal all our shit!!! I ain’t havin that shit! We need our goddamn money!!! All of it. All I asked them for was 10% for my work. That’s it! And these people still are on some bullshit on the higher ups. All because the things that the Holy Ghost allows me to write, work. Just wait until i send you the letter. It will explain more truth of what you need to know. Then after that I will send you another one, and they will all have working concepts on them too. Let me know what’s up afterward, And you look just like Aruanna Mirage in this picture. Just layin all over the soul food!,. Ummm.

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