NEW AUDIO: “Your Love” x “Girlfriend”

I wasn’t going to post these songs because they are not from an official Nicki Minaj mixtape. However, they have made rounds around the web already so you may as well enjoy them. The first “Your Love” is a sample of an Annie Lennox song, “No More ‘I Love You’s”. This is actually my favorite of the newer songs to release, definitely worth the download.

Next we have the song “Girlfriend” which is dedicated to Nicki’s “BFF”. Another dope track from Nicki. Check them both out and leave your comments here!

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8 Comments on “NEW AUDIO: “Your Love” x “Girlfriend”

  1. The First Track is 4 All Her Harajuku Ken Barbiez (Your Love)
    N 2nd Is 4 All The Yung Harajuku Barbiez (Girlfriend)
    Both r Big Hitz LUV U QueeN Harajuku BARBIE

  2. uuqhh ifckn love nicki w/ a fckn passion its ridicolous–iheard these yesterday & been crazyy bumpin em<333

  3. Ey, Nicki, watz up. I love both of dee sngz an ya alreadii knw i dwnloaded ’em… I love all yo music an u 2. U dee baddest. Ya lyrics are off dee chain an nobodii has a “SWAGGA” like urz!!!! Yo music iz dope.

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