Nicki Drops Expressive Remix Video For “Till The World Ends”

Nicki Minaj is out to prove that she’s a Femme Fatale in her own right. The animated entertainer has premiered a music video short, adding quirky visuals to her opening rap on her remix of Britney Spears’ ‘Till the World Ends.’

Nicki teamed up with the song’s writer Ke$ha to remix Britney’s hit back in April. Soon after, the wild and bewigged rapper went on to open for Britney on a leg of her Femme Fatale tour, and even hit the live stage with Brit Brit at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.

Now, months later, Nicki has dropped a video treatment for the remix – much to the delight of Minaj and Spears fans alike. Wearing a studded kimono-style dress, black bobbed and banged wig and her signature pink lipstick, Ms. Minaj jiggles and jerks around in front of a fog machine and multi-colored lights.

Watch Nicki look surprised, confused, angry, fierce, hard, sassy, seductive and much more in the 45 second expression explosion below! [Source]

Written by Maddie

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  1. noo, thats not exactly a Nicki video treatment! thats the video that plays in the tour of britney spears when nicki isnt there in real for till the world ends

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