Nicki Minaj: “Best Woman Judge Idol Has Had”


Alrighty Barbz, this post isn’t actually Nicki Minaj news in-direct, but it did catch my eye enough to decide to post it. While over at the Ledger-Enquirer reading a live-review of tonight’s LIVE episode of American Idol on FOX! Whilst finishing up my reading, I noticed that there was one comment on the post and I’ve noticed that anytime someone comments on an Idol post, they will have something to say about Nicki, whether positive, negative, or down the middle. This comment leaned in the Queen’s favor and just goes to show that no matter who you are, where you come from, what genre(s) of music you listen to, etc. anybody can see the good in Onika Maraj. This comment is by a 50 year old woman who has been a long time Idol fan; read her comments below…

“i have watched american idol since its first episode of the first season, i have missed a couple episodes and 1 time it was because i was in the hospital. this being said, i truely believe the nicki minaj, as strange as she can be, lol, is the best woman judge idol has yet to have, in my opinion. all my thumbs up to u nicki, im an old woman,50 lol, and i just love all the wierd, strange things u say, and I love to hear ur honest opinion. TY!!!!” – Diane Neufeld

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Written by Javi