nicki minaj calls vma pre-show set ‘an amazing look’

People are still talking about Nicki Minaj’s colorful performance at the VMA pre-show with special guest Will.I.Am, and she recognizes what a big milestone it was in her young career.

“That was an amazing look,” Nicki told MTV News right after the main show Sunday night. “I’m so thankful to have that opportunity. As an underground female rapper, that’s the biggest accomplishment so far.”

Nicki also threw kudos to her Young Money family member (and Twitter ex-husband) Drake. “Our divorce isn’t finalized yet,” Nicki joked before assessing Drake’s performance of “Fancy” with Mary J. Blige and Swizz Beatz. “No, he was amazing. He’s always spot-on. I thought Mary sounded like honey. Honey! Amazing. And, of course, my baby Swizz Beatz was up there. I loved it.”

The day after the show, Nicki was back in her hometown of New York performing as part of Jay-Z and Eminem’s Home and Home concert series. Minaj came out with Jiggaman and Kanye West for “Monster.”

“I’ve just been blessed to be on a song with two living legends,” Nicki told DJ Drama recently on his Gangsta Grillz radio program. “In my book, Jay and Kanye are icons, and I never in a billion years would have thought I would be on a song with one of them, let alone both of them. I’m happy people think I murdered the record. It just feels exciting to be a part of that collab. Seriously.”

Minaj’s VMA pre-show performance won over some new fans as well as her peers.

“I think Nicki Minaj is the truth,” Katy Perry said of Minaj. “I think she is amazing, and I love her sense of style. I love her beautiful figure. It’s hot.”

“What I love about Nicki is she has the eye of the tiger and she is fearless,” Minaj choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson said. “These are the components that I saw about three years ago in Lady Gaga. I thought, ‘This is going to be fantastic.’ Her swag is amazing.”

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Source: MTV

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