Nicki Minaj Channels Our Favorite ’80s Cartoons On Her ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ Album Cover

On the Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded cover, Nicki rocks the bleached blond Barbie look and pairs it with THE WORLD’S LONGEST EYELASHES. And we can confidently hypothesize (especially after her recent “Smurf” homage) that girl’s channeling some serious 80’s childhood cartoon ish: colorful face paint is so “Jem,” doe-like eyes and flawless hair quaff totally out of “My Little Pony,” and that sparkly font screams Lisa Frank! This type of thoughtful analysis is why they pay us the big bucks, guys.

The playful cover has everyone wondering what Nicki’s sophomore album (due out April 3!) will even sound like, but Nicki promises it’s a “doozy.” Maybe it’s bouncy like “Super Bass” or squeaky like “Stupid Hoe.” Or maybe (If dreams really do come true) it will sound just like Jem and The Holograms’ “I Got My Eye On You” — that would be truly, truly outrageous.

Written by Javi