Nicki Minaj Deserves Best New Artist, Ludacris Says

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Nicki Minaj was mentioned in this video above.

Ludacris knows how good it feels to win a Grammy.

The Atlanta-based rapper has three in his collection, and he’s hoping his eighth studio album, Ludaversal, brings him a few more. No release date has been set, but it’s expected sometime this year.

Luda won his first Grammy for his collaboration with Usher for 2004’s contagious single “Yeah.”

“Man, it was a great feeling. I’m happy to be working with Usher again on the Ludaversal album so we can come back and win yet another Grammy,” Luda told MTV News on Thursday. “My best Grammy experience was winning Best Rap Album for Release Therapy (which was released in 2006). I worked hard on that album specifically to win a Grammy, and I accomplished my goal. So no words can explain how great that felt. But we’re coming right back at ’em soon.”

His pick for Sunday night is clear: He wants to see Nicki Minaj to win Best New Artist. He worked with the MC on 2010’s “My Chick Bad,” off his Battle of the Sexes album.

“I’m looking forward to seeing Nicki Minaj. I love her. I’m glad I got a chance to work with her. I’m extremely proud of her,” he said. “She’s just scratching the surface of what she’s capable of. So Nicki: keep doing your thing, girl.”

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  1. I definitaley agree with ludacris because nicki minaj is the best & she worked foor what she hases so far. So why would she stop !????? Exactly my barbie dont stop wont stop til she get enough & wen does she get enough never !!!! Ily nicki minaj:* my name is toumeres hills im 12 im from watts,los angeles i live in the nickerson gardens. & i plan on being a professional rapper just like you some day i wrote & still write songs that no one wants too hear. My songs are goood evryone is just very busy. I just hope that someone who is a producer or whos like you will help me too help my dreams become true & get me started on the road too stardom. Ily nicki minaj i wish u luckkk. U should be getting a fan letter soon kisses too my b**** ! #teamminaj in the building.

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