Nicki Minaj Gives #AyoNicki Q&A

Thx to Nicki-Daily For The News – {CREDIT}

  • iTunes Pre-order + Tracklist in a few days.
  • She’s writing/working on two books.
  • She’s gonna start on the Roman “movie” in 3 days.
  • She’s releasing two songs sometimes this week.
  • The two songs she’s releasing are different. One makes you say “errrrrrrrrr” and the other “awwww”
  • No lapdances for her new tour.
  • The location for the CD signing is announced in two weeks.
  • The inspiration for the new album was love.
  • The album is now down to 19 of the “best” tracks

She also revealed that instead of 22 songs on ‘Roman Reloaded’, there are now 19.

Written by Javi