nicki minaj makes french connection on “le grand journal”

After her assault on London last week, Nicki Minaj caught a train to Paris to sit down on French talk show “Le Grand Journal” today. The international Barb, dressed in a frilly black jacket with wavy blonde tresses, discussed everything from toning down her bad bitch image for her younger fans to waving the flag for female MCs.

“Inside I feel like a tiger, but on the outside, I look more like a little pussycat,” said a demure Nicki. “But I think that hip-hop needed a girl right now to take control, so I’ve just been doing it both, being as bad as the boys and a pretty girl at the same time.”

French fans will be able to make out the dialogue. Otherwise, break out your translator.

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  1. man nicki minaj your videos are so gud i love when you rap that shytgurl even thoe you yung you gone always be the number 1 rapper too me and i hope ya keep doing your thing cuz you killing these hoes gurl and keep that money rite you will always be tha shyt and i wish you and the yung muney cash muney crew gud luck with yall careers and one day i wish tew meet all yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love ya nicki minaj

    ms.shainika scott

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