‘Nicki Minaj: My Truth’ – Episode 3

Video Link: http://telly.com/F22NA
E! quietly aired the conclusion to Nicki Minaj’s three-part reality series “Nicki Minaj: My Truth” earlier this week. In the last chapter, Nic rehearses for her first arena tour in the U.K. and discusses her fear of failure.

When she arrives at the venue in England, she discovers that the custom stage has not been set up, which does not bode well with her. With two hours to go until showtime, she attempts to do a soundcheck without the stage.

She is 37 minutes late to start the concert due to technical difficulties. While it seems like a success, part of the stage fails to light up, which makes Nicki very upset. She calls an emergency production meeting to fix things.

Eventually she’s able to get things right and the next show goes off without a hitch. Before leaving for her next gig, she makes sure to say hi to her Barbz outside the venue and take photos. “They feel more like my friends than my fans,” says Nicki of her connection to Team Minaj.

Written by Javi