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8 Comments on “nicki minaj on chelsea lately video

  1. i love your hair it is so cute
    how do u get to sing songs
    and how drake houp u on that u know waht im talking about.

  2. Thanks for posting this excellent hip hop music news article with the fabulous rap star Nicki Minaj and her entertaining interview on The Chelsea Lately Show. Nicki Minaj has had an amazing year and is definitely the new Queen Of Hip hop music. Her delicious rap songs like Your Love and Right Thru Me have become huge successes. Nicki Minaj`s hip hop music videos have been excellent too and some of the best rap & hip hop music videos of 2010 and so its good to see her reflect upon the amazing year shes had in 2010. This interview was excellent too.

  3. Omg nicki i love u your such a real down to earth person i didnt know roman was gay haha =] amazing

  4. hey nicki just wanted to let you know youre a really good artist cant wait to get Pink Friday! Keep doing you, ignore all the drama and do what you came in the industry for. I do look up to you. Ever since i seen your documentary and heard your songs, it has inspired to keep my head up and try to make it to performing arts for acting. Im sure you’ve inspired billions of others. Thank you nicki minaj, you’re the best.

  5. i dont blame yall Nicki,Roman,Martha,Barbie,and RRRRosa I like big to [ ] lol love you cause your like the fertenal twin i never had except i am an aries and u a virgo i thank, i am black and jamcian,you are asian black and trindanian,but as i watch you on television i am starting to notice that we kind of like the same thing kinda

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