nicki minaj performs on “live! with regis & kelly”

Nicki Minaj paid a visit to “LIVE! with Regis and Kelly” this morning to perform her hit “Right Thru Me” off her debut Pink Friday. Clad in a body-hugging red-and-purple outfit accented by black stiletto boots and rainbow hair, the Harajuku Barbie fronted two backup singers while she cooed along to the backing track. “It’s all about putting on a show,” she told the hosts after the performance. Watch her rock the stage above.

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  1. She did so well and much better than her previous performance. Nicki is really doing it big and has become a mainstream success and is on her way to becoming an international success. She should release “Check It Out” in Asia. I think the single and video would do very well over there. It was stupid of Lil HIM to go on Nicki like that. Nicki even sai d on the BET awards, when she accepted her award, that she pays homage to all the female emcees before her! WTF? Lil HIM needs a life and should go to a psychologist. Stop hatin and being mad just because Nicki is famous, mainstream, and selling 400,000 thousand her first week! Rolling Stone named her the ‘Queen of Hip-Hop.” Bitch, they don’t even about who you are.

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