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4 Comments on “nicki minaj performs “super bass” & “till the world ends” w/ britney spears

  1. Great show, nicki!!!! You tore that concert up[pauz]!!! Thats my #1 barb!!! Luv you so f**** much!!!! Muuuuaaaahhhhhhh!!!

  2. i love all your raps u are the best girl i always wanted to help and do raps with you see ya some other time gurl.

  3. i love u so much i knw everthing about you.i look up to u always and forever i wish i could come and see u in person but i dont have eought money for that and 2 let u knw u are the badest bitch i ever mit and i trying to be like u cuz u gete respect form other people and i want that my name is alexus mason and i really love and respect all the way.ur a great singer and i would want to get to knw u better from ur own mouth not form some computer i want to be u all the way and show my frined i am a some body and i hanged out wit u and i would want u to be my play mother also i was born august 15 1997 i really want to see u and spend the day wit u allways ok i love come to see me soon alexus mason

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