Nicki Minaj reveled ‘Pink Friday’ Fragrance

Pink Friday” borrows its name from her 2010 debut album. The bottle features a bust of the “Starships” rapper wearing a pink wig and “Nicki Minaj” chain.

She has teamed up with Give Back Brands LLC, the same company behind Justin Bieber’s successful “Someday” fragrance, to launch the perfume in department stores at the end of September. While catering to her mostly female fan base, she is confident that her male fans will also like it.

She Also Tweeted

“I am so excited about my fragrance debut, and am proud to partner with Give Back Brands for such a personal project,” said Nicki. “I have always been a huge fan of great fragrances; this is yet another extension of my creative expression and I can’t wait to share it with the world. I designed this scent and bottle with my Barbz in mind; I know they will love it!”

The hip-hop superstar is involved in all aspects of the brand, including product development, packaging, and advertising. “Signing Nicki Minaj was a simple decision; her talent and extensive reach present a platform with tremendous global opportunity,” added Paul West, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Give Back Brands.

When asked what it smells like, the Young Money rapper told one of her Barbz, “Like angels playing.”

Written by Javi