nicki minaj says “i’d die for my family” in interview

The star has been riding the success of her debut album Pink Friday recently, following its release in the US last year. The 26-year-old is currently one of the most sought after artists in hip-hop with a string of standout displays which has garnered her instant fame.

Despite her fame, the most important thing in Nicki’s life is her family, who she wishes she saw more of.

“It’s weird. I’m around so many people but I’m not around the people I love. That’s why I put their names in my songs, because that’s who I do all this for. My family are not the type to be star-struck though,” she told more! magazine. “I love my family, I’d freaking jump under a bus for them.”

Nicki – real name Onika Maraj – was born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad but moved to the Queens borough of New York when she was five years old to live with her mother. The rapper believes fame doesn’t affect her due to the presence of her immediate family and in particular her young brother, who isn’t fazed by the new celebrity in their midst.

“My little brother is 12 and acts like he doesn’t know or care about me. All his friends are obsessing over me and he’s like, ‘Whatever Onika!’” she added.

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  1. Damn…That Must Be A Hard Thinqq To Deal With….| Every Day Of Your Life Knowing That Your Little Brother Doesnt Care About You…….I Hope It Gets Better Nickii!!

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