Nicki Minaj To Embark On 2012 “Pink Friday” Tour

Nicki Minaj has plans for headlining her own tour next year.

After being an integral part in tours by Lil Wayne and Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj has revealed that she plans to embark on her own tour in 2012.

“I’m sure there are so many things I’m going to learn just by watching her,” said Nicki of her time touring with Britney Spears in an interview with “Next year, I’ll be headlining my own tour so this is my time to be a student and to learn and to absorb all of this information and then take that knowledge and create an amazing Pink Friday tour at the top of 2012.”

“I’m honored to be out with Britney,” said Minaj. “She’s freakin’ paved the way for pop culture. I’m excited. We are in talks to hit the stage together but that is up to her. I would love to of course. If we do something on tour, it will probably be the [‘Till the World Ends’] remix.”

Nicki recently told HipHopDX that she is looking forward to recording a follow-up to last year’s Pink Friday.

Source: Hip Hop DX

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  1. OMG if you do your own tour that would be amazing i went to see you in edmonton with lil wayne and it was great i would love to see you again but you doing the whole show that would be killer cant wait ill be there!!!
    love you NICKI MINAJ

  2. Omg nicki you rock my world. I listen to music everyday and wondering when you coming to SA johannesburg so you can pop bottles out side us and have fun here! I love you nicki and hope you love all your fans but im the biggest fan. Kaylen

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