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2 Comments on “nicki minaj up close with billboard.com

  1. my name iz rashad and I love nicki minaj and i ain’t knw she could sing wel dats sumin we got in comin she is so beautifvl and talanted and i love her cause she knws just wut to do wen shes performing she iz a born intertainer and so am i

  2. I give so much respect to you and the way you act in your interviews trust me you have alot of fans and i dont want to be a fan i want to be more than that.i’m sorry it may sound a little weird but its just you i feel as though i have a special place for you in my mind and i dont even know you.I mean i feeel that way about alot of celbs .And the crazy part about it is that i rapp too and you alot of people like it.

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