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4 Comments on “nicki minaj v magazine january 2011 scans

  1. hey niki… i loved that shoot in v magazine…i love that you let the fans know how it is with you voicing your opinion. i takes alot to step up and let how you feel be know, and at the same time stay true to yourself… thanks for all the music. keepin it real, yours truly De’Leslie

  2. hey nicki im ur biggest fan right now i luv all ur music i no everii 1 by heart. Well i heard that u waz born in Trinidad and thats where my parents are from and i grew up in Brooklyn but i waz just so happy 2 no u where from teinidad. Just wanted u 2 hear me out for a moment

  3. hey dis b da trini gyall i luv ur music and i no all by heart .i am just so happy that u created this website , now that i no u have a website i can b updated with all ur new songs thanx NICKI i luv u so much

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