nicki minaj wants to collaborate with lady gaga

Nicki Minaj has collaborated with everyone from Kanye West to Natasha Bedingfield, but she’s got a few artists on her wish list. The Harajuku Barbie recently revealed that she wouldn’t bat an eyelash at recording with her pop counterpart, Lady Gaga.

The rap diva told E! Online that she would love to collaborate with Gaga, to whom she often garners comparisons. “A lot of people say that to me! I’d definitely be open to it, yeah,” said Nicki, who also shared that she would do a song with Taylor Swift and loves Coldplay. “I mean, Gaga is badass. Being compared to greats can never bother me.”

The Young Money MC also spoke on her video with Rihanna for “Fly” off her platinum debut Pink Friday. “We’re shooting the video with Rihanna for ‘Fly’ this weekend. We’re going to save the world in more ways than one with the video and that’s all I can say about that,” she teased. “I love RiRi! I mean, when she’s not grabbing my ass, she’s a sweet girl.”

And while her busy schedule has kept her out of a romantic relationship, the single lady is ready to find the king to her queen. “I’m single and ready to mingle,” she laughed.

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  1. I don’t really know where i’m supposed to begin…just let’s say I lov ur songs, ur styl and ur rythmous

  2. They should definitly colabb. Crazy white pop girl with a crazy black hiphop girl. It’s Platinum Status!!!!

  3. nicki im am your bigest fan im telling the truth if anyone say nicki fack slap, punch, kick because i dont like anyone talking about u because even if i dot no u bye heart your still like a big sister to me and i love all of your muice im 10 yeasrs old if u read this email me.sis

  4. Im am a biggggg nicki minaj friend!!! i always buy a mix tape of hers when i see one!! her album pink friday qoes hard!! ; cant wait till she puts out another one ! mahh favs r IM THE BEST, SAVE ME, AND ROMAN’S REVENGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and nicki dnt let lil kim get the best tuhh yahh she gone and old!!! she always worryinq about yuhh she can put out an album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ily nicki m nfh

  5. And im actually nicki biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 trust mehh ask alll mahh franns i talk about yuhh all tha time !!!!!!!!!!!!!! falt-out I DNT THINK ANYBODY LUVS YUHH LIKE I DOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! NFH!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. “al th grlz wl aplaud,al th grlz wl c0mmend as lng as thy undrstnd tht m fighting 4 the grlz who never thought they cld win cuz b4 they could even begin u told them it ws th end i am here to reverse th curse that they live in” hey nicki u jus got under my skin i’m fr0m south africa and s0me thnk im crazy when i sing al0ng with u,u’r my bad bitch barbie n m crazy about…love you!..

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