nicki minaj’s ‘right through me’ is huge, birdman says

So far, Nicki Minaj is batting .500 when it comes to her singles. The over-hyped “Massive Attack” faded faster than a narcoleptic, and her tame (by Barbiez standards) “Your Love” landed atop the Billboard Rap Songs chart.

However, Cash Money co-founder Bryan “Birdman/Baby” Williams thinks “Right Through Me,” which leaked online Wednesday, will take the Lil Wayne protégé to “another level.”

“She’s doing it: She’s showing that she’s skillful,” Williams told MTV News about the song, which will arrive October 1. “She’s singing, she’s representing being a lady, and it’s raw. I think it’s a huge record on all formats. It’s just one of them songs to me.”

“Right Through Me,” which Williams described as Minaj’s first official single, features her rapping in a conversational tone over swaying, synth-heavy production.

“You make me laugh, you make hoarse,” she raps. “From yelling at you and getting at you, picking up dishes, throwing them at you/ Why are you speaking, when no one asked you?

“You see right through me,” she sings on the chorus. “How do you do that sh–?”

The song is set to appear on her Pink Friday album, set for release November 23. The project is tentatively slated to feature collaborations with Swizz Beatz, Lil Wayne and the Neptunes.

During the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards pre-show, Minaj debuted a collaboration with the Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am titled “Check It Out,” which may also appear on the album.

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  1. It’s growing on me. Definitely a better song than Check It Out. I like the “real” Nicki, can’t wait to hear more!!

  2. This is a great rap music news story and as rap star Birdman says this rap song by Nicki Minaj “Right Through Me” is amazing. I love the rap & hip hop music video for this delicious rap song too. Its got to be the hottest rap music video around right now. I cannot wait for her album Pink Friday to be released as its going to be awesome.

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